Horror Collection

Perhaps I'm overly picky about the sort of horror media that I can appreciate, but it feels like most purportedly "good" horror is either a bunch of excessive gore, jump scares, or some combination thereof. While those things are arguably frightening in their own right, I'm personally kind of fed up with it. Best I can gather, it's mainly just a product of laziness--writing a story where hapless young adults get butchered or where the music stops and then a loud noise plays while something spooky pops up onscreen doesn't take effort, talent, or imagination, but it evidently still gets a pass as being genuine, Grade A horror despite how it most decidedly isn't.

On the other hand, I absolutely love psychological horror, and more broadly speaking things that give me the creeps or chills rather than trying to make me squirm or jump. As such, I've created this page to keep track of the sort of horror media I prefer, both to make it easier for me to find it and to provide a convenient listing of the best horror and general creepiness I can find for whomever comes across this page. I hope you enjoy it.